Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wire wheel on the cheap

Now that I've purchased a welder, I have a lot more need for a wire-wheel to clean things up.  So, here's how I built mine very cheaply.
Motor:  1/4 HP electric motor from a garage sale for $5.
Arbor:  about $3 at a hardware store.
Wire wheel:  I don't remember the cost, but if it was over $10, I'd be shocked.
Base:  Made from a 20-inch disk off a plow.  $0
Vertical shaft:  I bought a bunch of 1/4 inch thick square tubing from a machine that had been cut apart at work. Not sure how much I got, but the whole shooting match only cost me $1.  This was a small piece of it.

In the end, I have a very functional little portable unit, and it'll hold me for a few years, anyway.

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